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My name is Jason R. Hess. I am a 31 year old Assistant Vice President working for a Sub-prime credit lender here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two beautiful boys and one sweetheart of a little girl. I developed this site as a way to keep family and friends updated on the latest changes occurring within my hobby and my life.

Originally born in New York, I traveled to several states as a child due to my father being an Air Force Officer. This gave me many experiences for which, I am truly grateful. I gained a real love for aviation and space exploration. My father is what I consider a genius and worked in the fields of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Many times I would see some really neat things as I visited the various places where he worked. As a kid, I assembled many Testors models representing all types of aircraft. I also constructed many rockets, some being of a unique and custom design. As time progressed, I came to the realization that I was truly a "nerd."

Along with my desire to learn as much as a kid can about aviation, I also had a keen interest in computers. I was writing Pascal programs for my Apple IIe very early on. I was always tearing apart anything I could to just see how it worked. This trend continues. I have moved beyond Pascal to various other languages today. It seems that computers and I are a good match. After several attempts at attaining different college degrees, I settled on Business Information Systems as my major. Recently I was graduated from  the University of Utah which was my original reason for moving to Utah many years ago. Yes, I know, people who go to school that long are usually referred to as Doctors, but I will never attain that prestigious title I am afraid.

So that brings us to now. I am about to celebrate my ninth wedding anniversary. My wife Margaret is a very patient and loving wife. Taylor, our oldest, is a precocious six. Much like his father, I can never seem to put back together all the things he is dismantling. Alex is our middle child and is five. He can be found always with a smile and is a real momma's boy! Our youngest, Hailey, will is two this year and is the most beautiful baby girl on the face of the planet. All of them, as well as myself, keep Mom very busy.

For the first number of years of our marriage, we lived in an older neighborhood in Salt Lake City where we purchased a fixer upper. It was the source of the greatest accomplishment as well as the biggest pain in the neck in our lives. Mark my words, we will never do it again. It was fun to see the changes and improvements as we finish them. It is nice to stand back and look at the completion of what you did not think you could do. We now live on the other end of the Salt Lake Valley in West Jordan. We are loving the extra space.

After work, school, house, kids, wife, and church, I get to enjoy my true passion, FS Airplanes, RC Airplanes, helicopters, and high powered rockets. As you will see from the majority of this site, it is my most favorite pastime. This is where the patience of my wife is challenged the most. After it is all said and done, she supports me. Besides, it is cheaper than therapy.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the information here useful.



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